1. Do you offer Enrichment Classes at schools where you are not operating a Maggie's Place OnSite After School program?

As a starting point, we are offering Enrichment Classes at 5 of the schools where we operate an OnSite After School program and 1 school where we do not, which is Westside.

2. Will you be offering Enrichment Classes at school where you are not operating a Maggie's Place OnSite After School program?

Yes. We will happily bring Enrichment Classes to any school in Districts 91 and 93 which meets our minimum registration requirements.

3. What are your minimum registration requirements?

Our minimum registration requirements are; Taekwondo 4, Chess Club 4, LEGO Robotics 3, American Sign Language 3, Yoga, 4.

4. What if I've registered for an Enrichment Class, but the minimum registration requirement has not been met?

We will notify all registered parents on or before Sept. 29th of any classes which have not met the minimum registration requirements.

5. If I register for classes which are not offered at my child's school yet, is there a cost, or will I be refunded if classes are not held?

There is no cost to register.  Refunds will be issued for any payments made for which classes are not offered.

6. What should I do if we want an Enrichment Class brought to our school?

Register online today and tell your friends so that we can reach the minimum registration requirements.  Indicate the days which work best for your schedule for the next 1-3 months.  Once we have reached our minimums, we will contact the registered families and begin the enrichment classes.