Executive Directors

Leland Stanford Jr. University
Brigham Young University, Hawaii

Ben Walters

Tutoring Coordinator

​​Chris Rusch 

Reading and Language Specialist

Ben Storms


After School Program Managers

The University of Chicago
San Diego State University

Gerritt Atherton
Program Manager

Alex Briscoe

Program Manager

Brittany Christiansen

Program Manager

Julie Heuer

Program Manager

Kayla Johnson

Program Manager

Lydia Larson

Program Manager

Cari Luce

Program Manager

Arizona State University
Boise State University


Brigham Young University, Idaho
Menlo College

Support Staff

Sheryl L. Gittings

Managing Director

​Margaret "Maggie" Gittings

Digital Content Manager

Our team members have attended and been awarded undergraduate and graduate degrees from a diverse collection of world class colleges and universities.

Thyme Porter

Enrollment Coordinator, Tutor

Linda Kabrel

Curriculum Specialist

The University of Idaho
Idaho State University